Windsurfer LT Klasse Race 4- Delft – The Netherlands

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Windsurfer Class Netherlands

Third match of the year !
Following the appearance on the market of a new and modernized Windsurfer LT and the participation in July 2018 of 12 Dutch windsurfers in the Windsurfer World Trophy 2018 in Torbole, the plan was made to (re)establish a Windsurfer class NL in the Netherlands. The Windsurfer has been around as a board since 1968, the first boards were already in the Netherlands in 1973 (first orange, yellow and later white). The first Windsurfer Championships were organized on the Paterswoldsemeer in 1975 with approximately 100 participants. No Windsurfer competitions have been held in the Netherlands in the last 20 years. This is in contrast to countries such as Italy and Australia where the Windsurfer has continued to exist as a successful single class.
The Worlds Trophy was held in Torbole in July 2018 with more than 100 participants from many different countries and also many younger participants.

Windsurfer LT Klasse Race 4- Delft - The Netherlands


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WSD Plane - Delft - The Netherlands
Bospad 1, Delft, Zuid Holland, , 2616 LW

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