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Longboard Windsurfing has as its main objective the promotion of longboard windsurfing. This is achieved by providing support in organizing windsurfing events, both nationally and internationally.

What we do

Our goal is to bring people together with the same windsurfing passion

Longboardwindsurfing.org has the mission to stimulate and promote longboard windsurfing as a special branch of the sport. This includes attracting and help new enthusiasts, retaining existing participants and increasing the profile of this discipline within the windsurfing community.

Collaboration with Associations

Longboard Windsurfing works closely with various windsurfing associations to set up a common events calendar. This calendar includes competitions and events for various windsurfing classes, including:

  • Windsurfer LT: Windsurfer LT since 1968. The original windsurfers modernized while maintaining the original concept and a standardized class.
  • Racebards: This class focuses on windsurfing boards designed for competitive speed and course racing. Depending on the organizers, a distinction can be made between old/new boards.
  • Retro (“Old Doors”): This refers to the classic windsurfing boards that are historically important in the sport.
  • Division 2: This represents a specific class within the windsurfing community.

Find the best windsurfing spots or windsurfingsurfing schools

If you want to start windsurfing, here you will find an overview and information of good windsurfing schools
On our website you will find an extensive overview of windsurfing schools that specialize in teaching all levels of windsurfers. Whether you’re looking for an introductory class to master the basics or advanced instruction, you’ll find the perfect school for you.

In addition, we provide information about the best windsurfing locations, so you always know where you will find the best conditions to practice and improve your skills.
Whether you have a passion for the sport or are simply looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy windsurfing, Longboard Windsurfing is here to help you and bring people together who share the same passion.

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Windsurf together

Our goal is to bring people together who share the same windsurfing passion. Join the fun and help each other to have fun on the water.

The best windsursfpots

We try to map the best windsurfing spots together with you. If you miss one, please report it quickly

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We collect all events around the world. A competition or just enjoying an event. We map it out for you. Did we miss your event? Then let us know

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Longboard Windsurfing has a clear goal and a powerful concept with tools to support you in organizing a successful event.

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